Let end user log off from server batch script

We had a user who was messing with a new piece of software on a server. Multiple times a day the program would get stuck in a loop and they would have to call IT to force logoff there session.

After about three times of this I decided to come up with a script so they could do it themselves.

:Let user logoff stuck session on Server
set /p tempserver=Please specify the server name:
set /p tempusername=Please specify the username   :
quser /server:%tempserver% | find "%tempusername%"
if %errorlevel%==1 goto UserNotLoggedOn
for /f "tokens=3" %%j in ('quser /server:%tempserver% ^| find "%tempusername%"') do set SessionID=%%j
logoff /server:%tempserver% %sessionID% /v
@echo the user you have specified is not logged on to %tempserver%

Keep in mind I do not know if quser will work on XP.