Coming Soon WSUS Powershell scripts

I just finished writing some powershell scripts to help you better manage your updates applied to machine on a monthly basis. I dread every patch Tuesday but it is something that is need to better protect yourself and your environment. Where I currently work, we have a very unique standard of apply patches. Security Patches that are a MRSC of critical are applied that month and everything else is applied the following month. But then there was another issue, we only have x86 of one OS and x64 of others. Then you also need to make sure that you decline the Itanium patches if you don’t have any. I needed a way to automate the approval/decline process of patches based on our standard and only approve updates need for our environment to keep WSUS more clean. I will be uploading the scripts next week. My script is only concerned with servers so you will need to modify for you environment. Thanks for your interests and have fun scripting.